Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Use

The use of FLIIP webpages and services from the visitor or the user is required his/her unconditional agreement (without any concern) of the following conditions of use which are valid for the whole content , webpages , graphics , images , pictures and documents , which are included in our webpage.

As a result, the visitor or the user should read carefully the particular conditions before the use of our services and if he/she does not agree, he/she should not use our services and our content. The visitor or the user should check the content of the particular webpages for any potential changes. If someone continues using FLIIP, still after any changes, it means that the visitor or the user unconditionally agrees with those terms.

We agree to allow you to hire the vehicles, under the terms and the conditions which are determined to this Agreement. If anything different is written, all the amounts, which are referred to this particular Contract, will be exposed to Euros ( € ).

Provision of General Information

The information which is provided from FLIIP is full, true, valid and updated, whether it refers to our identity or our supplied services. The above guarantees are without prejudice of any technical or typing mistakes which can not be predicted or caused unintentionally.


You can send e-mail to our email address of FLIIP, with your free will, in case you wish to contact with us for any reason which concern our function or the use of FLIIP. Sending message to FLIIP webpage is also possible to non-Users. It can be realized with the introduction of your name, your e-mail address and your mobile number to the corresponding section of our website.

At the same time, it is declared that you consent to FLIIP in order to get in touch with you via mail, by telephone or/and by written messages in order to carry out the convention between FLIIP and the users.


For the sake of speed, the following definitions will be valid:

  1. The FLIIP IKE will be called "FLIIP"
  2. The electric scooters of FLIIP, will be called "Vehicle" or "Vehicles", which indicatively possess the following characteristics:
    • Engine power: up to 250w
    • Colour: Black/Orange
    • Size: 1183 x 1173 x 486
    • D. Weight :
      • maximum load: 120 kg
      • net weight : 17,5 kg
    • E. Driving /Use:
      • Age restrictions: 18-50 χρόνων
      • Height restrictions (cm): 120-200
  3. All the tenants/ the users of FLIIP services will be called "Tenant" or "Users" .
  4. "Credit" :Unit debit, where 1 credit equals to 1 Euro

Rent and Use the products

You declare that you are the only tenant / user of the Vehicle and the user licence which is offered to you from FLIIP, cannot br assigned or transferred. As a result, the use of Vehicle is forbidden from a third person.

You declare that you are familiar to the function and use of the Vehicle and you have the appropriate physical condition in order to use it.


You declare that you are at least 18 years old. People who are under 18 years old are absolutely forbidden to use the Vehicle.

Geographical Limits

The use of the Vehicle is allowed only within the geographical limits of the Heraklion Prefecture and specifically in the city center of Heraklion, where the function is allowed. In case you break the above geographical limits the Vehicle is considered stolen, because the intention of illegal appropriation is to be proved.

Compliance with the rules

You declare that you obey all the rules which govern the use, driving and function of the Vehicles.

You declare that you do not use the Vehicle under the use of alcohol or any other drugs or / and you use any devices ( mobile phone, tablet, etc ) which can affect your ability as far as the safety use of it is concerned.

Maximum hire duration

As maximum permissible hire / use duration of a Vehicle is 24 hours, after that you must release the Vehicle and park it at the permissible parking lots ( as you can see at the following table ). In any case, you can hire another Vehicle. In case you surpass the hire time limitation of 24 hours, you will be charged extra, besides the rental, paying 10 euros / credits per hour besides the first 24 hours in accordance with the specific rental time.

If the Vehicle is not released within 48 hours, it is cosidered stolen because the illegal appropriation / intention is to be proved and without any further formalities or annoyance, the right is activated by FLIIP to act at their discretion.

Right Use

It is totally forbidden:

  1. the use of Vehicles on a non asphalt road
  2. the use for commercial purposes
  3. the towing of other vehicles
  4. the transportatiob of loads, other people or animals
  5. the use from a person who is above the maximum weight limit of 100 kg
  6. the use of a backpack / bag


You declare that you park the Vehicles, where bike parking is permitted, based on the Highway Code, upright and always without blocking the traffic, the pedestrian crossing and the access of children or wheelchairs to the pavements or to the roads.

The parking lots are pre-determined by FLIIP and they can be seen on the application map.

The Vehicles can be delivered / released only to the predetermined place where you can see on the application. Otherwise the Vehicle cannot be released and the charge will be continued normally.


Based on the general or / and special terms of the insurance policy with Allianz Hellas, there is a Civic Responsibility insurance which our customer as a tenant of our electric bike can have, for any physical / harm or death ( including money reward due ot emotional distress or mental cruelty ) or the cost of the material damage which can be caused to a third person due to negligence of the person who is insured as a natural real person, an accident which will be caused by the user of the Vehicle.

Expenses which come directly from the rebuttal claim of third people are included in the cover and they refer exclusively to the covered danger.

Maximum insured limits of responsibility (accumulating for all the Vehicles)
  1. Responsibility for physical harm or death for every person ( including the money reward due to emotional distress or mental cruelty ) until the amount of 30.000,00 euros
  2. Responsibility for material damage which will be caused to third people for every accident or series of accidents from the same cause, independently of the amount of the beneficiaries, until the amount of 15.000,00 euros
  3. Responsibility for physical harm and material damage ( totally ) for every team accident, independently the number of victims, until the amount of 60.000,00 euros
  4. Responsibility of the company to third people for the whole of Physical harm, Death and Material damage which will be caused during the validity of the present Insurance, until the amount of 120.000,00 euros.

Prerequisite of the cover is driving from the drivers / users of the Vehicles based on the Highway Code.


You are obligated to return the Vehicle on the same good condition which was before you take it, because:

  1. It is forbidden to amend, convert and generally to change the functional and aesthetic parts of the Vehicle, even it is about a detached addition ( sticker ).
  2. In case of any damage of the Vehicle because of your fault, you declare that you will take on the full compensation, including any possible reward for any further damage on behalf of FLIIP, due to that damage.

You declare that you take on the full responsibility for any damage which can be caused and it is your own fault, including the case of even light carelessness.

You declare that you are responsible for the use, parking and locking of the Vehicles.

You are responsible to reasure that your general physical condition when you use the Vehicle does not set any danger either for you or for third people. Additionally, the weather conditions must be appropriate for a safe use.


You agree and recognise that all the Vehicles run with rechargable battery. As a result:

  1. you are exclusively responsible to check the charge level before the use of the Vehicle
  2. the loss rhythm of the battery depends on the road conditions and the use of the Vehicle
  3. FLIIP does not take on any responsibility about the duration of the battery of the Vehicles, including the case to run down before your intention to use it


For the rental of a Vehicle, the cost will be:

  • 1€ / credit to unlock it
  • 0,15€ per minute

The payment will be realised when you insert your credit card or your debit card in advance during your registration in the FLIIP application. You declare that you are the legal holder of the card you insert for the payment and you allow FLIIP to change this card for any debit. Indicatively, you allow FLIIP to withdraw debit amounts from that card which FLIIP took on the financial charge due to fines which have been posed because of illegal / wrong use / parking of the Vehicles from you. Additionally for the compensation of damages and harms which were caused to your Vehicle and to FLIIP because of you.

We have to notice that if your user account is under the limit of two (2) credits, a sound sign will be transmitted from the Vehicle and it will be sent a warning about the remaining time to User's mobile phone at the same time. As a result the User should park to the predermined parking lots or add credits to his account.

The validity of the Credits is for 2 months since the last Credit load. In case, that no other wallet reload happens during this period, the wallet will be retained.


The validity duration of the present terms of use starts when you accept and register as User to the application and it expires in 5 years.

Detect the place location

You agree that you are aware of the FLIIP and the companies, which work together with FLIIP and enter into allocation of processing according to the European General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ), which are aware of your location when you use the Vehicle, because it is necessary for the proper functioning of FLIIP. Indicatevely, the purpose is to collect the Vehicles which are uncharged, to check that they move within the permitted geographical limits, to replace / fix the damaged Vehicles, etc.


The whole content of this website, including ( indicatevely and not restrictively ) texts, news, graphics, pictures, diagrams, images, videos, sketches and supplied services, comes after a subject of FLIIP copyright and it is bound by national and international regulations about copyright. Logos, trade names and trade signs and features which include on the website, belong to FLIIP or / and to people who have the relevant rights on the website and they are protected based on the applicable legislation about industrial and intellectual property Projects based on Intellectual property of third people which are included in FLIIP, are posed with good will and for reasons of information. It goes without saying, that they will be removed if the beneficiaries ask it.

General Rules

It is compulsary to wear a helmet throughout the use of the Vehicles.

You declare that before the use of the Vehicles must do a security preventive control. Indicatevely: a) wheel clibration, b) proper function of brakes and lights and c) possible damages or mechanical problems.

In case you locate any indication that the Vehicle is not safe, do not use it and call FLIIP immediatelly. In case you use it, it means that you agree that FLIIP does not bear any responsibility for any damage which will be caused from you or a third person.

In case you lose or a third person uses the device which is established the FLIIP application, you must inform FLIIP immediately, otherwise FLIIP does not bear any responsibility for any charges which will be imposed to your account.

FLIIP makes every effort for the proper functioning of the application and of the website, but it cannot guarantee that the function or / and servers will be constant or without any possible errors, or having any viruses when the above cases go beyond the control of FLIIP.

You agree that if any resulting difference is caused, the court in Athens where the Greek law is enforced is adequate to solve it.